Welcome to RickySims.com.  Here, at the "Home Page", I will get you acquainted with the various aspects of my website.  There are seven (9) other "Pages" with information: 


The "Ricky Sims Music (Listen/Buy)" Page" will give you the opportunity to listen to "clips" of my "original compositions", "original arrangements to "Public Domain" songs and my version of various "cover" songs.  You will be able to purchase the "full length single" for ($0.99) by selecting the "Buy Album" icon, then selecting the various internet sites where the "single" is being sold (CDBaby, iTunes, GooglePlay). 


The "Calendar Page" will give you information regarding my public and private "live" performances.  To obtain more details about the event, "click-on" DETAILS+.


The"Contact Page" will give you the opportunity to communicate with me with anything that might be on your mind.


The "Song List Page" lists the songs that I am able to perform during my "live" performances.


The "About Ricky Sims Page" will tell you everything about me.


The "Frysinger/Sims Music Catalog (For Licensing)Page" showcases the original songs and compositions of Cari Frysinger and Ricky Sims.  The Frysinger/Sims Music Catalog is available for licensing (music supervisors, audiovisual projects, commercials, documentaries, television, movies, etc...).


The "Ricky's "Acknowledgment Blog Page" gives me the opportunity to say"thank you" to all the folks who have are doing their part to help make this world "a wonderful world".

 The "Ricky Sims Videos Page" gives you the opportunity to watch Ricky perform "live" in-concert.


The Ricky Sims "Photo Gallery Page" gives me the opportunity to share pictures of me and my friends.

That's it, my friends.  Enjoy the website and thank you for doing your part to help make this world "a wonderful world"...Ricky Sims/Ricky Sims Performances.